Maker PI P3 - when, how much, now?

Ok, PJ is unboxing this and no where on site can I find it.
Price, in stock?
All info needed, looks promising as a multi unit.
Way to curious for my own good and pocket book, LOL>

wow, linear rails, dual heads…looks promising.

What is the ka-ching factor?

I believe the company sent us the printer to test and review, however I don’t believe there are any plans to carry this printer in the near future. Never say never though!

Well that’s gotta be confusing for customers.
Raises some flags, too.
I can’t help but wonder why you would review a product you aren’t planning to put on the shelves. What’s in it for you?

Maybe to review and report to us the overall rating of this machine. I think it was well worth the effort. Good on 3DPC!

PJ charges $100 bucks an hour to service machines but does Youtube reviews for the public good, under the the 3d Printing Canada brand?
My Peter-Tingle

They were asked to review the machine by the manufacturer, as I know it. A good service to us all.
His charges working for 3DPC seem reasonable. I mean I do not fix my car but on most things I can fix my printers. Why slam 3DPC for giving us a heads up on machines out there.

I’m not slamming anyone, nor am I naive to suppose that a savvy business does anything for free.
Please don’t get poopy with me for asking what’s in it for them

You will notice they have not answered the question.

If they want to milk the corporate teat, we need to know what side they are on. This business is not like other consumer goods, inthat it relies on community support.
If goes corporate, I want to know, because then I will exit.

We were asked by Makerpi to unbox and show off their product. We didn’t get paid to do it. They sent us the machine for free. Video production isn’t cheap and but we like producing content for the 3d printing community.

Does anything in this thread make any sense? 3dpc is a corporation, why do you think they owe you anything?

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Exactly and they expend a lot of time and money supporting this forum. Do they expect to make money off of it, of course they do but that doesn’t mean they are not helping the 3D printing community too. I buy the majority of my filament from them, not just to support them and this forum but they have very competitive prices and usually a good stock on hand and fast delivery times. I do not have a problem with them “being” corporate.

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I applaud 3DPC for all their efforts and will continue to. Best place for honest information and good prices. Support the local community, corporate or otherwise.