Makerbase mks v1.6 on tevo tarantula?

Hi there, I’m rebuilding my tevo tarantula and need a new main board. I currently have a mks v1.2 in it and there looks like not much of a difference between the two, will it work on my tarantula.

Ps. I have a bltouch.

I cant confirm 100% its a direct swap, but it should be.

Heres a link to the mks GitHub where some people were debating the different versions.

Like @LEGOManiac said in your previous post. Just think before you go full speed printing.

If you can ask specific questions we’re happy to try and help.


Thanks for the help, do you think the stepper voltage should work?


Its intigrated drivers if im not mistaken. Usually they are set to “tame” voltages so shouldnt also be an issue untill you want to really dial it in.

FYI there is a makerbase facebook group. Its not the fastest at getting back to people, but it is an option to talk to the makerbase community and manufacturer.

Ill look into what drivers are on the board and what voltages should be.


The mks base v1.6 has intigrated a4982 drivers. So itll be a firmware thing to adjust if you wish to.

It seems as a rule of thumb, to guess and check to better tune your voltages. Personally i havent played with that in marlin yet.

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