Makerbot shuddering

Hi all,

I was given an old Makerbot Replicator 2X. I’ve had it working for a couple months, then this week it started doing some odd things and every print is failing for one reason or another.

First, I got this skewing a few hours into a print. That skew is along the X axis movements.

Then when trying to reprint that, I saw the extruder jump a centimetre to the right when printing the raft. (sorry, no picture)

Then I got this result when trying to print a 150mm long 3x3mm square stick.

I watched it print, and in certain spots the whole carriage will shudder when moving along the Y axis, which would explain how that stick turned into a broom. If I slide the carriage along the rails, the X axis seems pretty uniform, but I find uneven resistance along the Y axis. I tried putting some grease on the rails, which didn’t help.

Any suggestions?


I do not know Makerbot machines but I would check the wheels, if any, some may have flat spots that have developed and they need to be replaced.

Good afternoon.
If I’m not mistaken, this printer has metal shafts with linear bearings.
Please check if the metal shafts have any rolled out channels from the linear bearings. You can also measure the shaft diameter in different places at the beginning, middle, and end, the values should be the same. Usually people only print in the center of the bed and eventually the linear guides have to be replaced.
I would advise you to contact the service.

Check you belt tension as well as your stepper motor current. If the stepper motor isn’t getting enough current it could be skipping steps.

If so, have you oiled them, they will stick and shudder if they are dry.

Because I tent to look to the simplest first.

Be sure nothing is catching as it prints. Cats lol can cause shift too.

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