Mandalorian Armor Project

Hello 3D Printing friends.

I wanted to share some WIP shots of my biggest project to date. I am trying to recreate the armor from the Mandalorian and its turning out pretty nice. Would love to see what the community thinks. I am using an Ender 5 Pro with a micro swiss hot-end.

Started with the shoulder plates.

One primed and one fresh off the printer

Then did the torso in 5 pieces and stuck together. Not the most seamless gluing but I always want to see it finished so I don’t take my time when I should.

Torso primed and sanded.

What I have so far

Let me know any comments or improvements I can make. Be gentle my first post.


that looks great! nice finish

Thanks Glenn, it is sooo much sanding to get smooth.

sand fill, sand fill rinse repeat until you get to 1000grit heh I’ve never done this on a print but it seems like body work on cars

But can it deflect a light sabre.

Hey @brittprinter

Welcome to the Forum, I’m glad you found us. I have to say that armour is just impressive. Are you designing and printing? That is quite the feat you are working on there.

Be sure to keep us updated on your progress, would love to see it all complete.

The Print and Paint job look amazing !!!

Thanks Jason
I am not designing these, not there yet with the modeling skills. All parts are on thingiverse, still a way to go yet happy to post updates of progress. My printer has been going back to back prints for about 5 days now.

Thanks Mike
Black gloss spray and rubbed down with graphite powder. Not hard to do and looks amazing.

nice job love it!

Bang up job you have thus far!
I do my best to service the cosplay community when I can, and I would totally wear that!:grin:

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HI @BoDaAlien

Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us, Post up some of your favorite prints as well we love to see em.

Problems, issues, concerns or questions are also welcome.


Here are the latest elements and parts I have printed for the armor and weapons etc.
I am using Cura for slicing and trying adaptive layer heights this really helps the print times if you are going to sand and paint the items.

The helmet is almost completed added the visor. (excuse the tape on the bottom).
This printed in 8 pieces and was glued, filled and sanded.

The pistol was printed in parts and assembled.

Right thigh plate for the season 2 version of the armor.

Last item is the belt mines

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Yellow color is better than black.