Manual AMS for my Bambu P1S Printer

I managed to hack this together to help my in my filament changes. All I have to do is have the printer unload the filament then I can pull it back towards the spool. Then I just push the next filament in until it reaches the head and have the printer perform a load. It’s my MMS. Manual Material System. All parts printed on my Bambu Lab P1S printer.

Hope you find this interesting.


Looks interesting,

Do you have any multicolor parts printed with it yet?

Not really multi-color as I can only change filaments on a per layer basis. I did this little table sign for a friend in BC. He modified an old Suzuki right-hand drive delivery truck to run on batteries. It also has an array of WS2818 addressable LEDs that light up the lettering. My website name is printed in white on black near the bottom.


I like what you did, nice for a MMU :slight_smile:

Do you just use the change filament plugin for Cura?

Hi Jason. No I didn’t. Since I’m using a Bambu printer I just set a pause at the beginning of the layer I want to change the filament at in Bambu Studio. Then I do a manual unload and load using the screen. Then I just press the play button on the screen and the printer picks up where it left off. Yep. It really is a manual system. :wink: Just saves me from having to access the back of the machine for every change.

ahh, gotcha, I see what you are doing there. Unfortunitally I have seen a Bamboo but have not gotten the ability to really tinker with it.

Just for my own curiosity how do you find it? I hear alot of feedback about the K1 series but don;t hear alot about the Bamboo?

Firstly, this is my own opinion based on the single month I’ve owned my P1S.

I used to own an ANet ET4 printer and had it for 3 years. It worked but it was always a pain to level out properly due to it using a capacitive sensor. Just a slight change in temperature would throw the sensor out. Eventually I got so frustrated with it, I sold it along with a pile of replacement parts, extra PEI plates and a spool of filament to local kid for $100 and put the money towards the P1S.

This printer has been an absolute dream to work with. When it arrived, I unpacked it, set it up on my workbench, followed some simple instructions to remove holding screws, etc, plugged it in and turned it on. The first time it runs it goes through quite the calibration procedure grinding and growling and shaking. But in a short time it stops and says, ready to print. And it really WAS ready to print.

I have had only one print failure since I got it and that was my fault for not applying a brim to a small part. It prints fast and the quality is more that I could have hoped for.

Some points to note. This printer does not have any limit switches or level sensors. The limits are detected by a tiny change in motor torque when the head encounters the bed or the sides.

If I sound excited about the printer well, it’s because I am. :partying_face:

Edited to add: I received my AMS system yesterday. So the manual one is now a shop trophy.

Nice, thanks for the info from a real user. Glad you are having success with it, Cannot wait to see the stuff you print on it.

I post something in the future. And thanks for asking. :+1: I enjoy talking about the printer.