MARLIN Help needed

Hi, I am new to the forum and 3D printing in general, although I do have a background in CAD design. Recently I purchased an AdminLab Gantry PRO (I am not sure if this is the same as the Gantry -S model). Recently I purchased a CR TOUCH but found out that I can’t use it with the Marlin firmware that is on my machine. I am looking for someone in the NIAGARA area (Hamilton, NOTL, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, etc) that I can drop off my printer and have them flash the board with the latest marlin firmware. I have tried VS code and Arduino, but this is beyond my understanding. I can’t even get the native file to compile. So, basically, I am looking for someone to:
install the firmware
install the CR TOUCH
set up the printer.

If you can help, let me know!

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hi there. im sorry to hear your trouble with the firmware, have you contacted 3d printing canada? they would be able to do all of that and they’ll make it easier to understand.

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Welcome to the forum. your best bet as @Redracefpv says is dropping off in Hamilton at 3DPC they should be able to help you get it working for you

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you can also phone them and ask for PJ he is the one tech who works there and can always find a solution.

I emailed them about this, they can’t help, they suggested I tried their forum, so, here I am!

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huh thats odd let me look at some ideas.

is it a crtouch or bltouch?

it is a CR touch. I was reading that the AdminLab was based on the Creality so I figured it was a safe bet. Woman that answered me was Lauran, and while she didn’t give me the answer I wanted, she did suggest I look here.

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ok that kinda makes sense but if i were you i would have got a bltouch. you see the crtouch is more new and not everyone has heard of it yet so it can cause some problems.

oh that seems odd. I don’t think they ever said they only work on what they sell.

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try calling tomorrow. when you call press 5 when it says so and as if you can talk to pj.

Looking at the firmware marlin has configurations for Gantry V1 and Gantry V2 under ADIMlab does that seem right to you?

I see there’s a group of Facebook for this printer with extensive information on getting CRtouch, BLtouch and 3Dtouch working mostly BLtouch but really they are all the same as far as the printer is concerned. have you found this group?

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Hi Glen,
I found the group, but no one is local. I have ZERO faith in my ability to use Arduino or VS Code after watching these videos. The group has been very helpful in trying to help, but like I mentioned, it is beyond my skillset. From what I can tell, there are 4 models. The version 1 (black board), version 2 (white board), PRO (MKS_GEN_L) and the -S model (MKS Robin) . I have the PRO model.

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I don’t know enough about your machine. to help and too far to see it from here. hopefully, someone will be along or maybe PJ would get you sorted tomorrow.

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Hey I am a back to basics guy. you need the firmware to get the touch working, you need the touch why?

May seem to think a touch will solve all issues often they do not. They are best used with a fixed bed and it is mostly correct. in many cases they just create new problems with out solving the original problem.

Why a Touch?

edit, I need bigger keys or smaller fingers!

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thats very true

The biggest thing with BLtouch/CR touch when you are installing it is to get the firmware and the instructions to install it from the same place. If you wire it as instructed from Site A, and Firmware from Site B they may not work together. Pins may be in different places.

If you have a look at our Youtube channel there will be a link in the description or mentioned in the video where to get the firmware.