Material for a seal

i recently got a job from a local manshed to try and make a seal for a water powered hydraulic chairlift (not sure how best to describe it) they are trying to fix. this needs to be somewhat flexible bit so seal well, bit also tough enough to not give way to the water i am possibly thinking TPU but am wanting to get input from smarter people before I order
ps after a little more looking PETG also sounds plausible

It would need to be compressed to make a positive seal. I am not sure if PETG would be compressible enough. Without knowing the design is it possible to create a seal with a PETG base and TPU added to it to go against the water side? You should be able to set it up to change over to the TPU at a specific spot in the print. I have never tried that but I have read that it works with PETG but not PLA.

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i was planning to design it with about .005" oversize on diameter
forgot to mention I am using an ender 5 pro

I have used 95 TPU for a gas tank cap seal washer and it has held up well for 2 years with no signs of swelling or degrading

ordered tpu waiting for it to arrive will post a pic of the final project

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