Matter3D Performance PLA - Wood Fill

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let you know that we have finished formulating the Matter3D Wood Fill filament. Check it out on our facebook page!

It uses the same high quality 3D850 Performance PLA resin with the addition of 10% wood fiber from Vancouver Island Cedar trees. It saws well, sands well, and takes paint well; it even smells like wood when you print. Will be available soon at 3DPC!!


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was… that … shape printed? on an FDM machine? Mmmm cedar whats it smell like?

Yes sir it was!

Nice! so this filament prints so nice on a machine made from spare parts that were found under your desk and hooked to a car battery?

absolutely :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, I thought you were going to say, "no it printed on a Modix:. So the Prints are nice. smells like Cedar and will print on anything. Must be 200 bucks a kg right?

haha. We sell it for $39.99/kg. It will be available at 3DPC in a couple weeks :slight_smile:

It that an aromatic red cedar? Or a yellow? Do you have specific SDS on it? There is great desire for 3d printed parts in our university to be integrated with sculpture. Wood is very versatile that way. We do need to be very careful with safety issues. Cedar sadly is strong respiratory irritant.

Does the material take on extra hazards with the addition of cedar?

Hi kitedemon

I will put out a msds soon.

It is made from a mix of cedar from our local saw mill. The color is more of a effect of the compounding process than the original cedar color.

It doesn’t have any irritants for your lungs because the powder and dust is completely encapsulated. There will be no dust or residue emitted when printing. Now, if you are sanding/sawing, I would recommend a respirator.

An example print from one of our customers:

Hope this helps

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