Matterhackers resin failures

Hello everyone i purchased white resin to find out it was a creamy offwhite yellowish color and on top of that it will not stick to my build plate… has anyone used resin and if so was the white a weird color for a white(maybe mine was bad?) Anyways i just purchased a amycubic photon mono used this resin with nothing but failures so i wasnt sure if it was the printer or the resin … i loaded the resin into my elegoo mars and same thing failure after failure with different common settings
I tried settings near this baseline with no luck
.05 layer height
7-10 botton layers
50-75 secs on bottom layers
7-17 sec normal layers

Does anyone have any tips in new to resin printing so all info helps . Thanks in advance!!!

Sure looks like a common denominator type of thing, bad resin. Use settings from one of the failed prints with different resin to see the results.

I tried that and printed great used elegoo standard resin and saryia tech blu both had no issues… i read up on resin and i feel like those settings should of gave me a print but i guess its a bit different i tbought it was odd after shaking it was a yellow color as if it separated but i saw no evidence of separation

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