Megneto's Helmet

My Latest Helmet Megneto the master of magnetism and the Leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants .

The paint I did A crackle effect on the red I think it looks Badass the pictures don’t do it justice . The outer Rim is painted metallic purple and again the pictures don’t do it justice.


that looks awesome @Mike-Land

Nice showing the painting process and how you did it.

I like to show the process to help others figure it out easier. I lost the pic’s of the wood filler part of the process on this one but I have an awesome system I use to remove layer line and get a smooth finish.
I’m happy to share if anyone is interested .

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Yes please share. I don’t do anything yet that needs such a nice finish but maybe one day soon I will do more fun stuff heh. Why wood filler instead of … Bondo?

Hi I use wood filler because it doesn’t have that strong chemical smell and I can water it down .
So I print all my parts and attach them together by melting them together with an old soldering iron. I sand every part with 60 grit sandpaper next I fill in all the groves with wood filler where I melted the parts together. Next I take some wood filler and mix it with water until its a thick paint consistency and paint the entire thing with it let it dry and paint it again. make sure any fine details are not covered up when its dry sand it with 220 grit sandpaper until the whole thing is smooth. clean all the dust off I use a clean rag and isopropyl alcohol make sure its dry and spray with primmer . Let it dry and sand it with 400 grit sandpaper repeat priming and sanding until its perfect . Clean it and now you can paint it whatever color you want to finish.
hope this makes sense.


ohhhhhhhhhhh that is gold advice! I just started trying wood filler this week but never thought about watering it down. Will try that for a 6 foot sword we made.

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