Metal in filament?

Seems strange to me but it looks like there are tiny metal particles in my Gold PLA filament. They seem to appear randomly while printing & spoil the surface finish.
Has any one else experienced this ? or is my print head eating itself from the inside ?

Gold is a metal. Why buy a filament called named after a metal if you don’t want metallic properties, pray tell?

I think a photo would help. No I have not seen anything like what you describe. Is this a ‘silk’ or just a plain gold filament? I have a number of yellow/ gold/ bronze silks and a ‘gold’ matte that is kinda odd but it was on sale a while back.

I use a dust filter

with a bit of cheapo sponge (not a cellulose one but some plastic type) I have place a drop of oil on it once just to help trap surface dust. I was getting lint in prints. It could be the cause.

Filaments are sometimes ‘made’ by companies buying giant rolls and re rolling it to 1kg rolls. This leaves a massive roll exposed for days to the elements and conditions where it is stored. It can lead to all manor of things happening, dust is a real possibility.

There are others that start with pellets and extrude and roll at one step. It is still possible to have junk introduced in the filament.