Metric drill bits? No case? There’s an STL for that!

I bought a set of metric drill bits off of aliexpreas, which was dirt cheap but came delivered in plastic bags in a cardboard box. Not terribly convenient. A quick look on Thingiverse and I found a case that had the exact number and sizes that I had just purchased. And this cool green roll of PLA+ needed a test run. Sooooooo….


that’s awesome, I made one and printed it, it was pretty crude but I like the cover on your so you don’t lose them when you drop it.

Exactly!! I want to be able to just chuck it in my tool box if I want. Not to mention that the smallest bit is a 1.0mm so it’s pretty delicate so you don’t want that just flopping around in a bag of tools.

I may eventually remix this one so that it has some way to indicate what size goes where for ease of identification later on but we’ll see if I get that ambitious :wink:

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How much were the bits? I was looking for them awhile ago but was being too cheap at the time to jump on them.

Actually I just realized (as I was looking through my order history) that I actually bought this set on Amazon. $20