Michael John Morris

Hello, I’m a Dean’s List Graduate from Loyalist College’s animation program from 2016. Although working with 3D animation software used to frustrate me, that changed when I found Blender and began making my own models for animation and 3D printing. I hope that we can be friends, because I like having people to talk to about what I love doing.


Welcome everyone here is friendly will love seeing what you do

Hello and welcome!

Please don’t hesitate to post up pictures and screenshots of your work if you would like to share! We have different threads for showing off prints and designs and we love seeing items that are modeled and printed by our members!


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Yes i hope you post some designs! i am still teaching myself Fusion, it is a interesting experience.

My understanding is the “jumping mice” from the Stop Frame Animation film Coraline we’re 3D printed.
Must have take hundreds and hundreds of prints.