Micro SWISS hot end cr-6 issue

Just installed the micro SWISS all metal hot end. And I have an issue.

After printing about a layer or two, the filament gets ‘stuck’ for lack of a better way of saying it. To clear it I have to remove the pressure connector and , while hot’ ’ push the filament though the hot end. After that I am able to get the filament released

Even when the nozzle is hot, I am unable to pull the filament from the hotend trying to clear up the blockage

I hot tightened the nozzle etc.

What can be wrong?

Is the filament being chewed on my the extruder gears?

When you release the tension (and disable the stepper) can you push the filament through the hot end?

Can you pull it out if you disable the stepper?

It could be the nozzle but unlikely a loose nozzle just leaks and molten plastic goes everywhere.

What is the diameter of the nozzle? You might need to disassemble it and check for obstructions. If you have a 1.5 mm wire if you heat the hot end up and remove the filament, make sure the tension is loose and press the wire into the hot end this will push through any wayward filament.

I love this thing.

The filament can not be withdrawn by releasing the extruder and then manually pull the filament.

I can, after removing the tube from the hotend, push the filament through(when it is at temp). Then I am able to pull the filament out, but only after the ‘push’

I am using a Capricorn tube (dark blue)

The extruder does make clicking sounds. I assume that is when the issue starts

No leaking of filament. And after I ‘clean’ the blockage and restart, it happens again after the first layer or so

You know what they say, definition of Insanity, repeating the same thing again and again expecting different results :wink:

ok so you absolutely have a blockage. Check the tube for damage or deforming. To be honest I’d just cut a new one. make sure it is the correct length and at the top (away from the hot end) use a sharp exact scalpel type blade (long taper point) and ream out the inside of the tube making a funnel.

If the tube isn’t exactly correct the filament will not enter the hot end and jams. You also should check the throat and nozzle. To be honest the nozzle is consumable so I’d just replace it. Personally I always use name trade nozzles (genuine E3D in my case for all my printers) They are just better. If I was pulling everything apart I would likely replace the heat break too, it just isn’t worth enough to bother saving the old one.

The clicking is the extruder skipping as it is unable to feed. Don’t let it do that for long periods of time. It is hard on them.

Oh is the when you remove the filament what does the end look like? I bit of a thicker blob? Cut with feed lines?