Micro Swiss Hot end Extruder

I’m planning to upgrade my Ender 3 Pro with a MicroSwiss Hotend and was wondering about the stepper motor. I know I can use the existing motor on the Ender but it is a bit bulky to put on the X gantry.
I was wondering if this pancake Stepper would do to run the extruder.

I haven’t found any issues yet using the original motor in the last 8 months. I have the Micro Swiss direct drive on my Ender 3, Cr10s and my Cr10 S5.

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I am actually thinking of upgrading to the All Metal hotend but I need to replace the thermistor and heater cartridge. I believe the Micro Swiss doesn’t come pre installed with those.
Any suggestions for replacement for an Ender 3 that’ll work for the Micro Swiss?

do the heater and thermistor for the native hotend not fit the Micro Swiss?

They do but they need to be replaced. Failed print blobbed up around the old hotend and they were damaged so raplacing the whole thing

I have the microswiss setup and it is heavy but im not sure that pancake motor has the torque id recommend a different setup if you want lightweight… just adjust your jerk and acceleration then turn up the print speed to 65mms i get beatiful prints


I am in the e-step upgrading Micro Swiss includes hotend to my Ender 5 Plus. And so I need to install CH340 to my computer (search CH341SER - NanjingQinhengMicroelectronics). But then instead of “succesful install” the message came out “The drive is successfully Pre-installed in advance!” and there is no USB port setup as it is expected. Any one can help please?

I tryed a pancake stepper on setup on this printer did not work to well.