Micro Swiss NG Direct Drive Extruder Motor - Compatible with printer wiht Nema 17?


Does anyone know if I can use the Micro Swiss NG Direct Drive on my Thinker S? I know I will have to switch out the fans with my stock fans as the board is set up for 5v fans. My Thinker S v2 has a Nema 17 stepper motor.

Will I be able to use the motor that comes with the NG?
What additional things will I need to do to use it?

I’m new to 3D printing, so detailed advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jdbabiuk

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Although I cannot comment directly if it will mount to your Thinker I can tell you that the NG comes with a stepper motor and fan shroud. Should be all the parts you need. You just need to make sure your end stops will switch up without an issue.


Thanks, Jason.

Do you know what type of motor is on the NG? I’m wondering if the motor itself is compatible with my printer, which has a Nema 17 stepper motor.

HI @jdbabiuk

Yes, it’s compatible, It’s also a Nema 17, Worst case is you may have to repin it if it runs in the wrong direction but 90% of printers are good. The major part is you will need to update the e-steps when the installation is complete. You can do this through Pronterface using the M92 command.

If you are able to connect Pronterface before you do the install and verify the version of Marlin installed. Just to confirm you can update the required parameters? The only other change you may have to make is the M851 for the BLtouch offset if equipped.

Repin it if it runs in the wrong direction? Why wouldn’t you just invert the DIR signal in software?

For Marlin:


For Klipper:


It’s interesting, when I do a search on this, I see other recommendations to reverse stepper direction by:

  • Mounting the motor upside down
  • Turning the connector around in the socket (I’m presuming its not polarized)
  • Reverse the coil wiring pairs in the connector

Much easier to reverse the direction in software.

I was just trying to avoid him having to reflash firmware that’s all.

If you do the inverted direction you are getting into a flashing, I try and avoid that at all costs.

He’s probably going to have to reflash when he’s using the NG anyway as it will most likely extrude at a different rate from the original.

Anyway, you can have a lot more problems with rewiring standard connections down the line (that is if you don’t break something doing the rewiring).

It’s interesting to me that reflashing is always seen as the last case option. For me, it would always be the first case.