Microswiss NG and ABL

I am thinking about adding the Micro Swiss NG extruder kit to my Ender 3. I use a TH3d EZABL Pro on the printer. The current mounting position of the ABL is to the left of the extruder fan, I think it’s going to interfere with the new position of the stepper.

Does anyone have any experience with the NG and EZABL sensor? I’d like to pre-print a mount before I tear down the stock system.


Ok. Answering myself. Microswiss has mounts on Thingiverse. I never seems to come up for me when I search, but the models are there and look good.

As with everything on Thingiverse, YMMV.

I tried it with the:

And I found it wasn’t any better, in fact it was worse, than the original Creality cooling shroud. Honestly, the only part of the models that were useful was the BL Touch support.

Going to your question; I don’t have any experience with the TH3d EZABL, but from what I can see is that the size is basically the same as the BL Touch and based on my experience with that Thingiverse model you shouldn’t have any problems with the mounts that are included in the package.

To get the offset from the sensor to the centre of the nozzle I recommend you use a piece of tape with a dot in the middle of a circle, the diameter of the EZABL, and record their X/Y coordinates. I don’t believe there is an accurate value published anywhere.

Good luck!