Minecraft ore cube for my nephews 10th

The body is black PLA. The inserts are Taulmann Alloy 910 natural nylon. The light source is a three foot RGB LED strip from the dollar store, with remote (has a battery) for $2.50!
I designed a 30mm cube with holes for glue in posts to suspend it in the middle. Then I wrapped the LED tape around the cube until I had coverage on all sides. I then used a wrap of Canada Post clear shipping tape to hold the LEDs in place (low current LEDs)


that is pretty sweet, Nice job

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In case anyone is curious, the differences in the light on the various inserts is intentional. It seems to show up better at the blue end of the spectrum. When I look at the cubes in the game, there appear to be different densities in the minerals in the cubes.
To recreate that, I told Cura to slice at 15%. I then took support blockers and randomly changed the infill in parts of the inserts.
Worked rather well :slightly_smiling_face: On the blue and green pictures, the less dense areas are much brighter than IRL. The red is less bright. :man_shrugging:

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Such a creative use of 3D printing. Your nephew must have been THRILLED.

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I happened to notice this thread, and have an update.

Almost two years later, my brother-in-law informs me that my nephew still turns it on every evening before bed.

I guess he was thrilled :slightly_smiling_face:

Thats awesome to hear!! It turned out so great!