Minimisng steps on a taper

If you are printing a part with a shallow tapered face (off of the horizontal), maybe 2 or 3 degrees, is there anyway to minimize the course steps that you get other then using a fine print height. Any settings in Cura.

I haven’t found a way. I’ve made the model bigger and sanded back and also tilted the model so the face is printed as top.

there are 2 I can think of off the top of my head, cannot say 100 % but maybe some tinkering could get you there.

First one is Max resolution or Deviation, However for verticals offsets I generally will go with slicing tolerance, Middle is the default value, and switching to inclusive or exclusive may get you where you need to be.

Variable layer height is the only way I know of, you can print the file quickly then slowdown for the angles it isn’t really what you are looking for however.

Which section are these found in, so far I can’t find them.

Hey Loosenut

I have the screen caps below, WIll put you in the right spot
Screenshot 2022-06-27 101137

Screenshot 2022-06-27 101029

Thanks. I will play around with them.

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