Misumi bearings n rods

I just installed Misumi bearings and rods on my Prusa MK2 and find the bearings are not smooth at all. In fact I think it’s transmitting to the print. Don’t have a pic right now.

They were cleaned and greased prior to assembly.

I know the PRUSAs are sensitive to the bearing having the balls offset 90deg to each other with the second string. Not sure if this may part of it.

I’m not an expert by any stretch on PRUSA but last round of mitsumi bearings I got were pretty good.

Hmm, first I hear of this offset… but will see if it helps. Thanks

This is one of the pics I pulled from PRUSAs online assembly manual

If its on the y axis they are all laid out like the far bearing in this pic, so the load is distributed evenly across 2 rows of bearing.