Mks robin lite v1.1 firmware dfw mode

So ive been tinkering with my printer which has the mks robin lite v1.1 board. Ibe compiled .arlin and 2.0.9

Both seem to work except for eeprom saves to the sd card.

On my printers facebook group it was suggested to look into dfw mode to override the “bootloader” but we’re unsure of how to do that exatly.

I normally update the firmware through an sd card, but trying through vs code just fails.

Heres the 6 pins that are free. Does anyone have a suggestion to try?

Worse case i either accept my loss, write down the mesh #'s, and save the eeprom to each sd card. Or i fry the board and upgrade it to the mks robin nano v3 or skr 1.4 turbo, or skr 2.0. of which is an eventual next step anyway. On this note does anyone have preferances of one board over the other?

I just want to try and maximize the stock board as best as i can, but understand it has pinout and support limitations.

Hey you might try an ardino isp. You can just use it in place of the sd . I am not home on my phone or I would like a video. I think it was Tom S who posted a YouTube about no boot loader .