Modding Ender 3v2 to Move On Switch

Hey all, I want to move the power switch from the back of my Ender 3v2 to the front so I don’t have to reach around and fumble for it all the time. I see instructions online, but no materials list.

Can anyone give me a list of parts that I need to do this upgrade, and does 3DPC carry any of it? Thanks!

Could you post a link to the instructions that you mentioned? In theory, you should be able to simply extend the connections for the power switch.

This is pretty much the only one I found: ENDER 3 V2 Front Switch Upgrade - YouTube

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The problem is that I don’t know what the wire is that I need to get. I’m new to this, so I can’t exactly identify by sight what it is.

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You use an online calculator for this.

You’ll need to look at your power supply for most of the information, and you might want to check this article as well.,heated%20bed%20draws%20nearly%2012A.

Thank you!

The first link doesn’t work for me though, do you have another calculator I can use?

So, uh, talking to my boyfriend I realize now why trying to do this modification is not really a good idea.
I was starting to feel overly confident because of my newfound skills (thanks to working in setting up a 3D Lab at school), and I guess I starting flying a little to close to the sun.

If the mods could please lock this thread that would be great.

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No need to lock this thread, it was a good question. You must have some skills to have done what you did but you only advance those by doing more challenging things. Changing the switch is not a big deal you just need to be careful and putting the switch at the back was a foolish idea by Creality anyway. They saved a few cents in wire doing that.

As an alternative thought, I installed Big Tree Tech relay modules on both of my printers. They have an option to have a reset switch added to them which is just any momentary switch.

Now I can turn the printer off from the on screen menu or have it shut off when a print completes and it cools down. I have the momentary switch installed on the front of each printer and it closes the relay to turn the printer back on again. No more power switch reach around required and no more idling printers.

The relay module also has the benefit of short circuit protection. If my main board shorts it will trip the relay which cuts power before the PSU so there isn’t any power going into a fried board.

It requires more wiring, a firmware change, and a small end gcode change so this might not be in your comfort level. There is a pretty great video on YouTube how to install it and the firmware changes but he assumes you know how to compile firmware.

I’m more throwing this idea out there for anybody else who stumbles on this thread.

I just finished creating , printing, and testing a part that makes the switch moving very clean, easy, and safe.
I will try to get the stl onto thingiverse soon.

Not to over think this, but can’t you just buy an extension cord with an On/Off switch?

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See Thingiverse #5448985