Model Wash Super Concentrate 3D printing Canada

So I decided to try the Model Wash Super Concentrate Resin Cleaner. But getting alot of left over resin even after 5 to 10 minute’s in my tube. Using elegoo wash station , did do 125ml to 4L. Maybe add more I got the 500ml bottle that make 16L, do it 8L out of maybe double strength. Because right now not worth the 45.90 to me sorry

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I bought some recently too and have done about a dozen prints using it.
I put my leftover isopropyl into a 4l bucket and have been pre-rinsing parts in that, then using my wash and cure station with the model wash and finishing with a quick dip back into the isopropyl.

I’m not super thrilled with the model wash either. It seems to either not clean as well or leaves a soapy residue. Doing the final dunk in the bucket of isopropyl seems to have helped though.

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I got the 16liter worth thinking of just doubling the amount in the tube 8L. Usally 8l you 250 ml I may try using 500 in it lol.

Alcohol in my small town hard to get was hoping lol

I get my isopropyl from a farm supply store. It’s cheaper than most other places likely because it isn’t medical grade.
Not sure if you have a farm supply store nearby or if you have already checked but thought I’d throw that suggestion out there.

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Worth looking around thank you

Hi Guys, As you all know I am not a resin guy but I have heard the guys talking about it when they were developing the product.

I know the ratios of water to wash are important, too much concentration and it does get soapy, and too little it doesn’t work well enough. The other part of the process is that it has to be rinsed afterwards with clean cold water. I am not sure what the ISO would do in the chemical reaction process or finish on the print.

It’s not really “flexible” when it comes to mixing, It will make 16 Liters but that’s a total of 15.5 Liters of water and 1/2 litre of wash. If you use 16 Liters of water plus the 1/2 litre (making 16.5 Liters total) it will not wash the resin properly.

I have heard about the testing of it here and I can just forward the information I am aware of.
Hope this helps

I used that empty bottle I got from you guys filled up to 4l then added 125ml x 2 to fill my bath not sure if it soap or resin left over on it myself. Still have not double it yet

I know Jeff uses Model Wash here at the shop regularly with great success so with slight adjustments I’m confident it will work well.

It be cheaper then the alcohol hunt if I can get it to work I do miniatures and having to brush ect gentle pieces no thank you lol

Good luck brushing this lol

Hi Mark, Yes the concentration you have is too watered down, It’s supposed to be 3.872 Litres water then add 125ml wash, 4 litres total including the wash, You have 4.25 Liters total including wash. It would end up soapy and not able to clean properly. Are you rinsing after with clear water?

Not really soapy look more like resin left over

you are right it does look like resin left over, but I think if the concentrate is too high it doesn’t work properly. I did give Jeff a shout, when he has a moment he will jump into the thread and update, He is the one who uses it a lot. He will be able to shed more light on it. I just don’t want to comment on anything I am not 100% on

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Ok super thank I very much appreciated all the help

Jeff around lol

I’ll shoot him a text, thought he would have checked in by now.

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Thank you waiting to see what he says before, I add more wash to the mix

@Jason just out of curiosity do you have an sds msds for this?

I am sure we do, I will e-mail Richard and get a copy.

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