Models of electronic components

So I have a new board to put in my second printer, an SKR2.0 and it’s going in place of a V1.4 the new board has a USB port that wasn’t on the old board and because the mouth of it has to penetrate the cabinet of the printer, the board won’t fit. Bigtreetech, helpfully, had provided a .step model of the board but the USB part is not populated on the model, if I add this part I can make a cover for the big ugly hole I’m going to have to out in the case. Does anyone know how to ID this part and find the correct model for it? even if it’s just 2D it would help

When i get home ill see if i have the info your looking for.

I know @Jason has lots of files too.

thats great ! thanks, I wanted to have this printer up and running this weekend but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen so no rush. I do have it all working but having a loose MB is not great. I still have to sort out the firmware too.

Just found out the new B1’s have the SKR2 in them from the factory and those boards have the USP port removed. so maybe I could just take it off.

Here is an idea too. I printed mine in petg

thats a good idea. and I was thinking about this kind of thing for a permanent heated enclosure but I think these B1’s are not really the printer to take that far. I just want to get it working quickly without having to resort to thumb tacking the board to a wall lol

Hey guys sorry been away from the forum for a couple of days due to black friday.

Did you need a CAD drawing for the SKR board?

If you have a better one than on GitHub then sure heh!

your looking for the CAD for the USB port on a control board?

Yes, that would be great. that’s the problem with the GitHub one. it doesn’t have that port, or the SD card port either for that matter but that one has a hole in the case, the newer B1’s have SKR 2.0 without the USB part on them

I think this is the one you are looking for?

Oh sorry no it’s actually a type A and it stands on the narrow edge.

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this one should be ok

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Here are a couple of other data sheets that may help. I think the first one is the closest to what you need. but others are there for ref.

yes I think that the first one is the right one the pins are perpendicular to the part