Modern 3D printing enclosure and computer desk



Now THAT would be cool. Not clear though on how you open the enclosure, or perhaps that’s the idea; you put it in there after you’ve finally got everything fine-tuned perfectly.

I too am not sure about the enclosure, if it’s open at the top by that inch or two, it would let in drafts, keeping temperature, and controlling harmful fumes would be difficult,

And the actual work station seems small, if you use multiple monitors, a keyboard mouse and tablet your going to be pretty cramped.

If it moves up and down, does it require a power source? I already have to plug in my monitors, my pc, my back power supply, my printer, my 3d printer, xbox, projector, and desktop power supply lol.
Seems like the desk is just a other plug…

That being said, it is a nice idea to have a designed work are for 3d printing, rather then adapting.

If you click on the reddit link, you’ll see it’s a short video. The wrap enclosure is built to sink into the desk to give access to the printer, and it does close all the way to the top (no gap seen in finished position in the video)

I’m not totally sure that it’s intended as a work station in as much as a printer station with the desk to the side holding tools, filament boxes, drying boxes, etc. Mind you, if that were the case, I would have expected to see shelving above and below. Mind you, there’s plenty of storage under the printer.

I didn’t notice the first time around that the glass tube doesn’t go all the way to the top. I originally thought it was totally enclosed and presumably climate controlled.

Of course, it’s obviously intended as concept art and not a fully fleshed-out product.

That is so awesome. I want this… Don’t tell my wife though…

When I pledged for my printer, there was an enclosure add-on available. I figured, what the heck, might reduce the noise. I am very happy to say that it also stops temp variation during printing. Also it reduces humidity which, I am told, is not good for filament. Also read that even though I have a filament dryer, the filament reabsorbs moisture when set-up on the printer. The temp in my enclosure varies between 38-42 depending on heat settings and the humidity is a good 10-12%.

I am curious about that enclosure. Does the enclosure go up to the top completely or is the render just to show there is something there? And what about the temp and humidity measurements?

Its for a one only use 3d printer… LOL