Monthly / Yearly maintaince on my 3D printer

I do get this question fairly often about what kinda maintenance these printers require. I thought I would post it up here for any of you to add to it.


  • Inspect X and Y axis carriage for smoothness of movement
  • Check belts for proper tension
  • Physically “rattle” carriage and make sure none of the V-wheels require adjustment, Movement should be smooth, Not too tight not too loose
  • Blow all dust off standing surfaces
  • Clean dust out of fans and verify the operation of fans, Low and High speeds (don’t forget the ones under your printer and not just the ones you can see
  • Ensure all clips on Bowden tubes are in place and functional as required


  • Remove clean and relubricate any lead screws/ball screws or bearings
  • remove and inspect all belts, Check for fraying or odd wear patterns, and Replace as necessary
  • Remove and tear down the hot end, verify the functionality of any Bowden fittings
  • Replace nozzle at this time is recommended
  • Inspect PTFE liners and replace them if worn or degrading
  • Inspect the entire filament path for worn or broken components
  • Verify calibration of 100mm extrusion test
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