More adventures in 3d printing

Any of you that saw my thread on trying to get the linear rail kit I ordered which arrived recently might find this interesting.

The picture below shows the rail kit, now installed and it was relatively painless except for the fact I have made a lot of mods to my printer and that did complicate things, no fault of the rail kit. Documentation could have been better but I found installation videos on You Tube to help. The only actual problem was a screw that the connect the front and back frames was to long and blocked the slider so I added some washer on the back side to reset the screws end out of the way.

So now assembled it was time to try it out. First thing I did was to try homing the X axis and it immediately shot to the right and crashed, Not good. What had I done? What was broken?
I was perplexed and with out a solution off to bed and like a flash I got it. The original mount has the belt attached at the bottom and would have moved to the left side like it was supposed to, this mount had the belt attached at the top, Ergo, causing problems. How would I fix this, it seemed to be made that way. Was there a setting to change movement directions? Nope! I had bolted the bits together wrong and once changed it work OK. Dohhhhh!!!

Anyway it is now assembled the right way, I did some homing tests and it seems to work fine. There will be some calibration and adjustment to be made but that is all.
The only real complication was I couldn’t fit my CR Touch on to the mounting. I had asked about it before buying and they said no problem. Problem. It didn’t fit. OK now in all fairness they where using one mounting bracket and I was using a different one, the one that went onto the original hotend mount. Simple solution, I milled out a new one with the top left side extending out so I could drill and tap it to fit the bracket I was using. The tapped holes are exactly the same spacing from the tip as the original so there won’t need to be any adjustments made to the settings for it. Paint to follow.

It’s never easy is it.

Murphys law I guess

Murphy threw the book at me.

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