Moved to .6 novel

Can I get some help with settings that should be adjusted to go with a larger nozzle size?

Using PrusaSlicer.
I’m guessing more filament needs to be driven through, what else do I need to tune-up? the first layer isn’t looking great.

When I did my experimenting with larger nozzles a few months ago, this was the page I used as a reference:

It was quite helpful.

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I found this to be helpful as well. I printed with a 0.6 a fair bit maybe 75 prints. I am planning on switching back at some point.

Prusaslicer nozzle diameter is on the 4 th tab (printer settings) top.

Print settings has layer height settings (typically max at 75% diameter) to me as the article says I only did settings for ‘draft’ and fast there isn’t much point in trying to print details with a big nozzle.

Speed and retraction and the rest might be ok but watch for under extrusion if your hot end can’t keep up you will need to slow down the speed.

I have a volcano and in the fastest speeds I was trying It couldn’t keep up.

IT USES WAY MORE FILAMENT!!! It is shocking to watch it peel off the spool.


You need to dial in all settings when changing to a larger nozzle. Temperature, retractions, layer height, extrusion multiplier, speed etc.
.6 nozzle can give you very nice detail.
Here are some samples of .6 prints.


those look great. Can you post your Temperature, retractions, layer height, extrusion multiplier, speed settings for a starting off point?

I have raised my temp, slowed the print speed. My first layer isn’t looking good though.

I print mostly PLA, different brands but pretty well same settings.
These are my Ender 3 settings for .6 nozzle
Temp first layer 220, 2nd layer on 215, 65 bed (Wham Bam plate) 60 on glass.
.95 extrusion multiplier
layer height .16 to 2 (depending on what I’m printing). My sample pic are all printed at .16.
Speed 50mm/s

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Nice prints @Logan5 ! I an intrigued. While I was running the 0.8 I never tried to print low layer heights I was always messing with 0.6-0.7 to print as fast as I could. :rofl:


Trex hinged jaw file

Its at 0.7 layer height with a 0.8 nozzle. I don’t recall the settings now it was quite a while back. I do know I printed around 235º for PLA 60 on the bed. I think it was around 35 mins its 3 inches long.


I like the teeth. :slight_smile:

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Seriously ugly. Its a jacked print but It was well under an hour and with the 0.4 at 0.3 layer height it was maybe 6 hours or so. Fast not good. You don’t get both usually.

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Its either fast, smart or good. If your lucky you get 2/3. You dont always get a choice either XD

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Haha Not heard that variation I always get:


You can have any two. A good job fast isn’t cheap… lol it is very true.

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