Moving in X OR Y axis moves it in both

I just purchased an Ender 6 yesterday and after assembly, printed a test file from the supplied card (great). and then I printed a large print from a project I wanted to do. It took 9 hours to print and ended at midnight. This morning I get up, remove the build (had to heat the bed and use the spatula) and it’s fabulous. I then started another project and it was a mess. When I use the move command to move the print head along the X axis, it moves both X and Y (and the registration of the head seems to be way off). Also when I move Y axis, it moves both X and Y. It’s like it can only move on a diagonal - which is why the next project was a mess. And now … it doesn’t print at all.
I try the Autolevelling feature and it says it is “homing” the print head but then never moves off that screen and when it moves the head in X or Y it clearly has lost its place where it is as the motor is challenged moving the head and you can hear the belt skipping over the gears.

The ender 6 is corexy, so moving diagonally is an indication only one stepper is turning. Check to make sure they are both plugged in. If they are, maybe swap the steppers around to see if the board or the stepper is the issue.

Hi there, I agree 100% with @MicroFarmModels one of the motors is having an issue,

I just want to caution you, that if you want to check for loose cables, Turn off the printer before you start testing for loose wires, If the printer is powered up and you plug in a loose stepper motor wire you will more than likely blow the stepper driver. And unfortunately, on the printer, it means you will have to replace the control board as it’s not a replaceable unit alone.

The stepper driver is the part of the control board that controls the movement of the stepper motor itself. It does not like having live load applied to it and will generally respond by not functioning any longer. Just a word of caution,

Thank you to both you. To say I am new to 3D printing would be an understatement. It’s been probably 40 years since I have been fiddling with wires and connectors and boards. THE SOLUTION HAS BEEN FOUND, thanks to your direction.

Armed with the knowledge that the issue seems to be the stepper and warned about ensuring the power was off I did the usual troubleshooting issue wherein I unplugged one unit, tested the move, and saw the stepper was working, so I (powered off) re-plugged it and plugged the other unit in and retested. Still moving,., Good news - both steppers are functioning. So, something else at play. While trying to figure out if I needed to upgrade the firmware, I discovered on the card supplied a 13 minute video that explained how to assemble the unit. I watched it, and at the very end there is 10 seconds where they talk about tightening the V wheel, so I check that and find that they are looser than the video suggests, so I tighten them and re-test.

VOILA! it works. I try a print and it starts printing. Amazing simple solution, but that is all it was (or seems to be at the end.)

That’s awesome, glad you got it running, That’s what we are here for, good thing it was a quick one.

Happy printing, but post up pics of some successes you have, we love to see the good stuff too :slight_smile: