MS Direct Drive on a CR-10 S Pro V2 - or a CR-10 Max?

I’m interested in upgrading my CR-10 Max to a direct drive extruder, and the online searches I’ve done usually end up taking me to the same Micro Swiss products. The CR-10 Max is starting to suffer from its age, and being obsoleted/abandoned by Creality, so its getting harder and harder to find info on them, and even harder to find reliable upgrade advice or parts.

Despite Creality making it challenging to keep CR-10 variants straight, as far as I can determine, the CR-10 Pro V2 is almost the same machine as the CR-10 Max, except in overall dimensions - ie. I believe they share the same motherboard chipset (ATMega2560).

I think.

So when I see a MS DDX available for a CR-10 S Pro V2, will it work for a CR-10 Max?

I love the huge print volume of this machine, and other than the awful X-axis gantry droop problem I’ve had to overcome, its been relatively trouble free since purchase. Can anyone advise me on converting it from bourdan tube feed to direct drive?

I have added a Micro Swiss all metal hot end to my CR10S Pro V2 but not direct drive, didn’t see the need for that option. Have been running it like this for 18 months, with original extruder and Bowden tube.
Not a problem. Micro Swiss makes a very easy swappable unit for this machine ( mine).

These guys have pretty good products and this setup works on a CR-10

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If you’ve got an X-axis droop problem then the last thing you want to do is to change to a direct drive toolhead which will weigh considerably more.

Solve the droop problem first.


Thanks - the droop problem has been addressed, just waiting on parts delivery to replace my manual solution. I realize direct drive will exacerbate that problem, and might even necessitate frame changes or strengthening to better distribute the added mass across the gantry.

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Direct drives are not the be all end all solution in all cases. they are merely different. As was said they weigh more, that often creates artifacts as the head moves in some cases the speed needs to be reduced to get rid of the artifacts…

I am not suggesting you do or do not replace to a direct drive. Only make sure it is actually what you need. People in some cases upgrade for the sake of upgrading, listening to parrots on the internet. If you print flexible you need it for sure. if you do not, the question is for your self what am I gaining and what am I sacrificing.

I was looking at doing some TPU prints, and that’s what started me down this road. Exccept for that, I’m not sure I’d go with DDX as an upgrade, due to the increased head mass, as you noted. On a new printer, though, definitely.

TPU you will need a direct drive for certain. It is just a comment as many upgrade out of hand just because.