Musical Instruments

If you have 3D printed a musical instrument, post it here! Would love to see what you have come up with. Upload a picture or even a video of you playing it!


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Here’s my 3D printed ukulele – I think it sounds great!
(3D model by Solstie on thingiverse)


That is awesome!!! Lets here you play it!

Having it made from filament, the sound should be very interesting!

Is that violin, at the top, a picture from the internet? If not, do you know where the STL for it is? A violin is something I’ve always wanted to try, but not being musically inclined, I could never justify the expense of one just for the sake of experiencing it.


Here’s a little video of me strumming a few chords on my uke: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Amazing! Totally different sound than what I was expecting!

that’s just plain cool

Here’s my first attempt at a 17-tine kalimba (also known as a thumb piano). I made this in Tinkercad based on the measurements of a standard Hugh Tracey treble kalimba. Printed in 3DPC’s light blue standard PLA.

Once I get my hands on some more kalimba bits I also have plans to make a couple more styles of body, just to compare how they sound, and to have a little fun with different shapes of sound hole etc. :slight_smile: But in the meantime I’m very happy with how this turned out for a first attempt! Such a soothing sound :musical_note:

I’ve posted a few little videos on my tiktok of the designing, assembly and sound test of this kalimba, if anyone is interested:
(currently the 4th, 6th and 7th videos on my page)


very nice, saw your video of your music and your cat, very cool

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