My benchy help needed

No idea why this is happening need help it happens on all my prints of different things to. I am using a ender 3 v2. Also if I could get help to make sure I set the z offset and such for the bltouch and anything else please I’ve been trying for 2 months.

To me it looks like under extrusion.

1 check you do not have a clog or partial clog.

2 print a bed level check (there are 100s on Thingiverse)

Have you calibrated the extruder?

Lets start there it could be the z height too.

Well my bed is pretty much level enough for the bed to be compensated for by the bltouch. I have set it up with the z offset by feeling for a vibration feel from the paper being pulled under the print head. I am still having the same problem. I did put glue on it and it seems to be allowing it to stick to the bed. It seems to be bowed in the middle of the bed a little. My bltouch x and y offset is 50 and 4.7 . My printer is the 4.2.2 board.

I get what you are saying but I would highly suggest a cal target. BL touches have only a small range they can adjust for, many people here have the bed out farther than the touches ability to adjust.

never forget that retro fitting a BL touch when the bed is not fixed and unmovable means you have to calibrate traditionally then adjust the BL touch.Z offset with paper is the first method and is adjusted with the knobs it is very crude then the BL needs to be adjusted to 8.3 mm and the nozzle is baby stepped in place.

There is a sequence to calibration you can’t really skip around.

be certain there is no clog and confirm the bed is trammed correctly are the first. then confirm the z height is correct. the first layer calibration will show these.

once it is confirmed that the first layer is correct z height is too, then it is on to the extruder calibration. if you skip a step and it is off you will not only waste time calibrating something that isn’t going to fix the issue, you will need to start all over again.

Cal target??? Thanks for your help so far.

there are tons of them this is just an example pick one that sizes for your printer.

Thanks so should I try setting the extrusion speed to 50 instead of 100?

This is what my bltouch mesh shows.

No use 100 on the extruder.

The nozzle is too high and the bed is not well trammed (levelled).

If it were me I would first re do a fully manual bed levelling. Pre heat disable the stepper and manually move the nozzle so it contacts a business card on the bed. Do all four corners, then centre, the first go around don’t get crazy you will need at least two circuits to get it better. Once that is done, check the height of the BL touch is correct, manually bring the nozzle down to touch the bed and then place a 3mm hex bolt under the BL touch probe (the probe needs to be in the up right position. Then tighten the probe. (Double check 3 mm is the correct distance for your configuration.)

Then do an auto level.

Start a new first layer calibration print and se the menu to baby step the nozzle to the correct height.

The things to remember is the BL touch is not a magic bullet it is an aid. Not a solution. You really need a solid handle on manual tramming (levelling) before you add the BL touch.

The other issue is you have two levelling systems at work, they do not fit hand in hand but rather work against each other. If you find issues with first layer that keep returning, it is likely you need heavier springs for the bed adjustment. Printers that are designed for ABL often have a fixed bed, or can control the bed height. With a manual bed you need to manually do the best you can then allow the BL touch to ‘polish’ the bed with the mesh. It will only work if the bed is very close to correct. It really needs to be manually right then the bl corrects for warps in the bed and slight differences at differing temps.

Thanks. One more thing. I have a caliper if I set All the corners to the same height would that help?

no, not necessarily.

you need to tram the bed. this is not levelling but making the nozzle and bed parallel. A dial indicator mounted to the extruder is a bit help, i suppose you could use callipers if you can set them against the nozzle but it is such a awkward place and tiny contact I can’t see it being repeatable.


It looks like you could be starting to lift your tube away from your nozzle and under extrusion is starting to happen you might want to try to bump that film it up to 220. If that’s not the case try bumping your heat and your flow a little bit