My biggest project ever. 130 pieces, LED light and over 50 hours of 3d modeling

Hey everyone!!

Tonight im showing you my biggest 3d printing project ever.
At first, i tought it would be easy, but dammmmmmmn… I think now i hate Carl for putting that much colors in his house!!! :flushed: But!!! I did it!!! 130 pieces (without the balloons!!!) and as much acurate as i could.

I made a clear “base structure”, to receive the many colorful parts… With a clear base, light is able to shine through the windows and the effect is just perfect…

I bought a cheap led light with a remote control on Aliexpress.

Glued all that together and taddaaaa!!!

Carl’s house is now a night light!! :slight_smile:

Im finallizing the whole package tonight. Will be on cults pretty soon.

Hope you like :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never tought it would came out this good!!!

Keep printing!!! :crazy_face: :metal:


Just in time for Ed’s send off, nice

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wow, excellent work!

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