My biggest project ever. 130 pieces, LED light and over 50 hours of 3d modeling

Hey everyone!!

Tonight im showing you my biggest 3d printing project ever.
At first, i tought it would be easy, but dammmmmmmn… I think now i hate Carl for putting that much colors in his house!!! :flushed: But!!! I did it!!! 130 pieces (without the balloons!!!) and as much acurate as i could.

I made a clear “base structure”, to receive the many colorful parts… With a clear base, light is able to shine through the windows and the effect is just perfect…

I bought a cheap led light with a remote control on Aliexpress.

Glued all that together and taddaaaa!!!

Carl’s house is now a night light!! :slight_smile:

Im finallizing the whole package tonight. Will be on cults pretty soon.

Hope you like :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never tought it would came out this good!!!

Keep printing!!! :crazy_face: :metal:


Just in time for Ed’s send off, nice

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wow, excellent work!

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Excellent Job, That movie: Up! was great!

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Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

sorry, I haven’t had a lot of time lately to come to the forum. :frowning:

I was wondering if there was a way to make a “halloween” version of my house … Any ideas?
Just small additions/withdrawals that would give a spooky look for the Halloween season?

Bats instead of balloons maybe ??! :laughing: :laughing:

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Dead trees, cats, Silhouette figures for the windows… making it look like eyeballs looking out with the window openings. distorted angles, the house is asymmetrical but pleasing, you can change some of the symmetry to make it tense and unsettling like crooked windows out of proportion rooflines. Religious symbology stuff like that?

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@Pa1 did you model and print the balloon strings or just extrude and ‘pull’ them?

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@kitedemon , I used the easiest solution my friend! :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:
some pieces of filament that I cut directly from the spool :slightly_smiling_face: :grin: That’s it. :slight_smile:


Hehe! I had extruded little coils for a friend, I think your scale is way bigger than I thought! Nice job!

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Very great job congratulations :clap::muscle:

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That looks awesome! Really great job

This is brilliant, I love it. Just picked it up from cults. Hopefully can get it printed before Christmas

Great job. Getting all those pieces to match up properly most of taken a while.