My drag racing lawn mower! Full kit!

Hi everyone!! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah you read it right!! And why not?! :stuck_out_tongue:

I made this kit from scratch during the week, between other projects.
After making the lowrider step van, i tought it would be great to have a trailer and, of course, something to put on it!!

Working steering link, nice details and opening tailgate are the main features for this project.

The step van was also tag with a brand new set of “racing stickers” instead of the dairy package you saw on the other post.

So here it is!! Both files will be available on the web soon (ill post the link once ready) and the files for the step van are already available for free on cults. Just go on the voxelab contest, or look for my profile (PA1) and you’ll be able to download it if you want.

Ho and if you want to leave a like on the step van (on cults) and help me for the contest, it would be really appreciated!!!

Can’t wait to ear your comments on this one! I’m in love with the mower!! Kinda cute and terrifying at the same time!! :laughing:

Have a nice and funny printing day!!! :slight_smile:


That’s great, well done!

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Looks really great! A fun addition for the van…

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Pa1 yours is way better looking!


that is awesome, I admire your patience and design skill.

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Thanks Jason, really appreciated!!!
Thanks everyone!

i’ve been modeling for the last 20 years. Printing over a year. Im a mechanical designer and i really wanna do this now. Full time. I’ll have to make some sacrifice, but one way or another, ill do everything i can to make a living by selling stl’s. Im creating also free models. If you have any inputs about that, dont hesitate.

I know visibility helps a lot, but i also have a sh*t load of work to do, i know that. My goal is to create easy to print models, fun kits, a little bit inspired by playmobil… Being a toy maker for… grown up makers… lol… But im seriously interested in doing this full time… Like Clockspring or Hex3D (ho geez, big goals!!! :laughing: )

So all the good comments (like the ones up there) are welcome! I admit its the perfect motivation for a newbie like me… :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome!! Racing Lawn mowers!!

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