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I just thought I’d share my experience with

Their “WITFB” promotion caught my eye and I thought, what the hell, I’ll buy five of them and see what I get:

What's in the Fucking Box –

The reason for choosing five items was that I have five friends that are into 3D printers and I thought these make interesting novelty items for Christmas.

Honestly, I was expecting to get a few bags of screws, a nozzle or two and maybe a thermistor but what I got was only three items…

The first was an empty divided plastic box with grease and something sticky on it:


The second was a stainless steel build surface with PEI on only one side and on the side that did have PEI, there was a big blob in the middle of it that makes it unusable:


The third item was a BTT SKR Mini E3, which would have been great (and would have made up for the previous two items) but it came sitting on top of an opened ESD bag and when I looked at it, it was obvious that somebody had stomped on the SD Card socket:


I sent an email to saying that I think they made a mistake - I thought they had shipped me some of their returns by mistake.

No reply for two weeks. Okay, they’re busy through Christmas so I’ll wait until afterward and I resent the email.

Today I get the reply:

I reply back that nowhere does it say “sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s shit”. What it does say is:

We go back and forth in which the support person says I ordered one item, two items and then five items and then I get the notification:

I know it’s caveat emptor when ordering from somebody you don’t know on the internet and it’s not like I put out a lot of money but this simply pisses me off.

What I have to question is that if this is the way they handle a small really inconsequential order, what are they like if it’s something significant and of value?

That is terrible! I would also be livid you are not out of order with this at all. It isn’t the money it is the principal. It looks like they are selling garbage. Usually mystery boxes are things that just don’t sell well or are discontinued and shelf space is more valuable that the value of the products.

I would be pissed too.

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I had issues with him too, He’s honestly kind of an ass who has zero concept of customer service or being honest and transparent. He’s banking on word of mouth with the different 3D Printer communities. I posted a semi “Review” to Reddit saying I placed an order and a few weeks later it wasn’t shipped with no communication despite me reaching out and I was starting to think I was scammed.

Multiple people said “Just use Discord and reach out”, Like… #1 I don’t use Discord? and #2. Why should I (the paying customer) have to hunt down the person I’ve given my money to in order to see if they’re going to uphold their side of the transaction? Usually a business (within reason) tries to keep the customer informed and “happy” so that they have repeat business.

Since I deleted my Reddit post I’ll paste the reply the owner of gave me on Reddit.
Super unprofessional, I’ll definitely avoid them in the future.

"I’m writing this as I sit on the toilet, taking my blood pressure. This is the least multitasking I’ll do today.

Let’s just go over the situation, one more time, for anyone who isn’t aware.

Late November, E3D decided to delay ObXidian. As soon as I was alerted to this, I sent out an email to customers, letting them know I would be refunding them and offering a discount on Phaetus products, as a mea culpa. This began the trouble.

Immediately following the nozzle debacle, was Black Friday, which brought more sales to the store than I had received in the prior 2 months, combined.

Several days later, Voron Tap released. My sales doubled again.

Then, the shit hit the fan. Voron Tap 24v catches fire, was the headline, so I sent out another email, and created a form for folks to fill out, offering them several different options—refund, replacement, replacement with unTAP and a pony. Now, I will admit, I didn’t follow through with the pony, but it was in the fine print, to which every respondent agreed.

Can you see the work piling up, yet? All this meant second, third and fourth correspondences and orders, for items which I’d already sold.

Add to this the fact that, because of Tap, Black Friday and the general awesomeness of my store, my orders, had, by the end of December, hit three times what I’d ever seen before.

With an awesome group of volunteers, I opened up a discord. They began taking tickets, to allow me to ship packages more effectively, as I wouldn’t have to deal with every minor complaint or Tap straggler, on my own.

This, pretty much brings us to current. Yes, I know it’s February, but the orders haven’t stopped. I post regular updates on the Voron Discord. Usually something like ‘Just a few more days, and we’ll be back at zero packages’, but, sometimes, I post how fucking little I’ve slept, trying to catch back up.

Very fucking little.

To deal with the massive growth, I’ve had to take some time off, not to get some much needed R&R, but to find a warehouse, where I can store the goods clogging up my home, and to house employees, so this type of situation can be dealt with in a much more timely manner.

Back to the Discord. You would see, if you bothered to check the contact section of my menu, that the only available contact information is my Discord server—a fully functioning, and way more appropriate place in which to ask, ‘where is my shit’

Some orders do go faster than others. These folks are correct, other than the customer service I have, online, I’m it. I assemble the kits. I keep China hours and US hours, to source and then ship those very items.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience. All I can say is I’m doing my best for this community, and I’m sacrificing a lot to make that happen. Also, next time, check the fucking contact info. I could have had this taken care for you in a day. But a chargeback and a Reddit post works too. Now I have one less package to bust ass on tonight. Thanks.

By the way 120/83, in case anyone was wondering.

Edit: changed so to to and added have."

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Wow… just wow…

This is clearly a ploy to get rid of junk and returns which have been accumulating. Personally if it was advertised as such I wouldn’t have an issue with this at all, I have bought many broken electronics in the past with the hope to repair them. But to sell you crap and advertise it as the best thing since sliced bread is just evil. And the gall to blame all the people who are calling him out for it is crazy to me.

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