My Hot Wheels displays.... :p

Hello! Me again! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to do something cool for tiny 1/64 diecasts, like hot wheels and matchbox …

But wow, everything is so small… :laughing: :laughing: Not the most friendly thing for FDM printing. But!!!

I worked on a few designs, and I got to these four that I think are really cool !!

My child’s heart is suddenly awake !! :rofl:

Everything is “FDM printable”.

I created all my details based on a 0.4mm nozzle. All line widths as well as layer height are designed so that it is easy to print in FDM.

They are all modular. So we can mix the parts from one kit to another.

The walls being separated and printed flat, in the end it’s super easy to print !! Only two kits requires two tiny supports. The two others are completely support free.

Tell me what you think !!! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I had that at 9 years old!!!


you are so creative and productive! I’m still trying to figure out what I want for lunch heh!

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Once again, nicely done! It really captures the HotWheels aesthetic.

One suggestion, if I may: In the corners of the walls and floors, put a pin. Literally, something like a push-pin - cylindrical with a cap, on the wall and the floors. Then make a version of your tool chest as shown on the right-side of the “22” model, and add slots to it so that it snaps over the pins, locking them in place. Adjacent modules could then be locked together by the tool chests.

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Such good work once again. You definitely have a cool style that is recognizable as yours but at the same time there is lots of variation in the projects I have seen from you and it is always something fresh. As per usual, I’m impressed.

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Guys, Thank you so much again for those comments! :heart_eyes: Its great to see that my work is appreciated!!! Really!

@LEGOManiac I had started the project with the same idea, but as I progressed, it limited me to the level of the interchangeability of the parts between the kits. :frowning:

Always having the same mounting points, which are repeated from one model to another created constraints for me in terms of diversity and placement. So I put this point aside for the moment.

I am now considering a kind of bracket, below the floor, to connect the plates to each other, without being visible but I will have to develop the idea. Maybe some kind of snap-in bowtie or something like that… To be continued lol. :laughing:

they are awsome, nice job

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Awesome job!
I need to show my husband these for all his Hot Wheels collection!

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