My Kurgan armor is finished . What do you think?

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that looks amazing, Very nice job

Looks great Mike,

Keep up the good work!

Do you pick up women any easier wearing that? :heart_eyes:

Obviously not, the armour makes it harder to get the leverage to lift them up.

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So that’s what I have been doing wrong this whole time!

Oh well back to the old drawing board I guess… :roll_eyes:


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Wow!!! That’s awesome! :hushed:

wow that looks great! printed in PLA? How easy is it to move around with such armor? I’m curious in making some armor-like pieces, more for functional wilderness adventuring. :slight_smile: happy printing!

Hi it is Printed in PLA . I can move around pretty well in it with few limitations I cant lift my arms above my head. My first real test of it will be on Halloween and than the local comic con .