My Lack Table setup for my Prusa Mini

Introducing my Lack Table setup. Pi4B in Raspberry Pi 4 Mini Desktop Case - Ice Tower Cooler + Secondary PCB Cooling Fan by JISpal01 - Thingiverse

5inch touch screen for OctoDash, and some lights to brighten it all up.

Uploading: IMG_20210222_091525611.jpg…

And a picture taken with a DiscordRemote plugin for OctoPrint

Wow, that’s amazing! Great job!

Thanks for that Stefan.

Amazing setup you got goin there!

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Yeah, it’s not too bad so far. Few more things to be arranged, to give more room for some cords.

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nice setup, neat and clean

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Lookin good. Where can i find the files for the color accents on the x motor? Just redid my mini with all teal plastic parts.


It’s just an x motor stress relief.

I like how you have Green Red and White zones for stacking.

If Tables were Yellow. could do Green / Amber/Red zones like traffic lights

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Aww ya, could have. Didn’t think about that, it was more of a “petg kept lifting on the thin slots for the glass, and ran out after multiple attempts. Then did pla red , and modded the parts, then decided to keep the last partially finished petg set that had finished enough to have mounting holes” haha.


Is that your camera mount design?

And the orange cube with the “Eye of HAL” … que?

Camera mount isn’t my design no. The little piece that’s on it to attach to the links, is my half ass, cut up some pieces in fusion. The orange cube? Not sure what you’re referring to .

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Ooh. This is a design I found on thingiverse.