My latest design! Nostalgic content! :p

Hi everyone!
A quick little post to show you one of my latest designs !! I don’t think he needs an introduction !! :laughing:

I did it for my “mini retro toys” series. After the chatter phone, it was certainly the next logical step!

I hope you like it !! :blush:

*** Q: I’m out of vintage toy inspiration … Do you have any iconic toy ideas that would lend themselves well to 3d printing?

Man, that brings back memories.
Nice job!

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me too! all my friends had big wheels, I got a Krazy Kar instead but … it ended up being much better than the big wheels in our extensive crash tests heh


Again, well done.

To answer your quest for inspiration, there’s 1953’s BoBo the clown (make the base solid and the top part hollow)

and the classic EZ-Bake oven. Still the only oven my wife will let me near.

Oooh, and while I’m thinking of it, the iconic hot-wheels power garage

It came in two versions. The one shown with 2-in and 2-out and a 1-in, 1-out variant.


My son wore out 3 of the front wheels on his and we where able to buy replacements from the manufacturer. GREAT job - lots of memories of yesteryear.

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Thanks for the ideas! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am actually thinking about making a Rc Version of the baby! needs a lot of rework, but i think that could be a great drifting Rc… :stuck_out_tongue: What do you think?! :slight_smile: