My lowrider step van design! :)

Hi everyone!

I did this in the last three days. Two days for the 3d modeling from scratch and 1 full day of printing, occupying all my printers, 7 printers to be exact.

Did the main body on my IDEX, while the other parts where done on my multiple Ender and my cr10.

Im refining some details. After that it’ll be on cults3d for those interested.

The scale is roughly 1:18. Inspired by the mid-60’s Chevy Step Van.
I’ll eventually do some derived version, with optionnal parts. Chopped top version, post-apocalyptic version, Ice cream truck etc… Working on that…

Any comments (good or bad) or ideas would be appreciated, as long as they are made in respect.

Thanks guys!!


These are awesome! :heart_eyes:

I think if you add in some LED’s for some underglow or to light up the rear cargo area or for head/tail lights it would be mesmerizing :drooling_face:


Thank you!!! :smile:

Nice idea there with the LED’s, ill consider adding some extra parts with holes, anchor points etc to make a possible LED version!! Thx again!


LEDs LEDs chanting!!!

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that’s Awesome, I do like the Ice cream truck Idea. You have some serious patience, My hats off to you

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Those are Awesome!

ONe needs to Say “Express Mystery Machine” Other “Express Ice Cream Delivery”

I Agree with the underglow Strip. you can place some Cr2032 Batteries in the engine Compartment

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Wow! Thank you so much Keith!!

Guess what? Heard you all and the 3d files are almost done for the dairy version!! Here’s the test print i finished two days ago!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But i will keep in mind for sure the Mystery Machine!! I loooooove the idea!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thx Jason!!! :slight_smile: I just uploaded the “Dairy version” of my truck!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Loving it!!! Turbo Cream!!
Excellent Job


I’m blown away. It just keeps getting cooler.

The signage really adds alot to it, gives it character and makes it pop. Absolutely love this project!


100%, I love it, as eddy murphy would say “ICE CREAM!!!”

well that just told my age :frowning: