My Mining Loading Pocket Scale Model

Well I actually finished this about a month ago. It was about 4 weeks in the making on and off.

Probably about 120 hours of actual printing time on my Ender 3 S1 PLUS and about 6 hours of gluing. This is at 1:20 scale or 5% scale of the STL file in the CURA scale tool. All filament was purchased at 3D Printing Canada. Canadian PLA+. Love that stuff.

I designed the actual system for a client in Nevada with Solidworks so I am including an image of the 3D model of the actual design. The grizzly and ore pass is not included yet. I may add that down the road. Time will tell.

Anyhoo I was very pleased with the outcome.



Oh My Gosh, that is so cool, Nice to see your digital designs come to life.

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I have done a similar thing where I retired from. Large fabrication in the USA.
Shots are from our cad program, the actual fabrication on site and my print.
It was a 40 ton piece of steel.


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Wow what a complicated connection that is. What software was used for the design?

I use a SW add on called Steel Designer Pro that automates connections. But that design would take a lot of modifications to the provided connections.

We use Tekla Structures, have been for 25 years. I had to augment the file due to the 4% scale, adjust plate sizes so they would actually print. 25mm plate would become 1mm thickness so anything thinner had to be upsized for print.

Yes I had the same issues. I changed any beams to be like an HSS with 20% fill, plates and angle thickness to a minimum of 30mm.

I have my own consulting firm and Tekla was way out of reach for my pocket book.

I found that making HSS or pipes to be solid made for a better print. Less problems with supports.

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Wow this looks fantastic, keep up the great work!

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