MY newest build A true Star Wars Fan will know this one

Makes of Darth Revan Mask (JTM) by MikeLand - Thingiverse

Well, I do like me some Star Wars but I don’t recall that character.
How did you do the oil slick look on the visor?

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Hi its Darth Revan from The knights of the old Republic
I used a two tone headlight tint on sone clear plastic from a face shield.
Chameleon Transparent Gloss Vinyl Headlight Foglight Wet Tint Wrap Adhesive 12 Inch x 24 Inch 2-roll Pack (Gold Yellow), Light Covers - Amazon Canada

Thanks for the link, that’s a really clever idea.
I’ve used that vinyl wrap lots for protecting bike frames but I haven’t seen the chameleon stuff before.

I’d argue knowing this makes you a true BioWare fan more than a true Star Wars fan. :slight_smile:

It looks awesome, though!