My newest latest print

I just finished printing two of these mysterious items. Well not that mysterious they are end mill holders IE: to keep the endmills from banging around in a drawer, one for brass and the other for steel cutters. I know not very exciting and few will have any interest in them but these where the longest prints I have done to date, 22 Hours for each one. I printed them in IIId Max “Crystal” filament because that was something I had around not for aesthetic reasons. I used a .32 layer height to cut the print time down (well over a day at .2) and they still came out very nice. I printed them with the material type embossed on the side, should have put it on the end. On the back side, not visible, there was some minor artifacting, just some roughness, in the same place on both prints. That I can not understand. Well that’s all I have.

The bottom pic shows the underside of the holder, almost empty and it still took a long time.