My printer is better at bridging than I thought

I had a three consecutive failures when trying to print a moon lithograph. I had printed one successfully a few months ago at 50% size, so I decided to go for 100%. It turns out I needed 98% to fit the printer. After the filament snapped three consecutive times, I started printing other things to see if I was having clogging problems, extruder problems or filament problems. This bridging test was one of those things.

I was astonished to find that the printer is actually pretty darn good at bridging. Mind you, I had the print speed slowed down considerably. I’ve had many problems with prints having problems with bridging and this is the first time I’ve ever slowed the printer down to do it.

That success had me looking through Cura for bridging settings to see if there was a way to get Cura to slow down when it’s about to print over air, but I couldn’t find anything that would seem to apply.

Is there a Cura setting for bridges?

Regarding my moon problem, is there a way to get Cura to make a smaller brim? When I add the brim, it seems to want to make it the size of the moon rather than just around the area where the moon touches the build plate. As a result, when I tried to add the brim, Cura would tell me it wouldn’t fit. I tried to get around this by starting to print two layers of one of the glass anchors you see at the corners of the glass, and then print the moon on top of it, but I would always run into filament problems. I know the brim has nothing to do with the filament, but it was getting tedious having to restart the print by printing something else first, interrupting it, starting the moon, pausing it, adjusting the layer to the height of my artificial brim, and restarting.
Is there a way to make the brim only surround the contact point rather than the entire model?

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There are some bridge settings in experimental that may help you with speed and flow.

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My b1 brdges really well when it had working fans. Now with one sort of working not so much. Ill try slowing down and see if it improves.

Thank you. I’ll take another look. What version of Cura are you using?

I’m using 4.8.0.
Search for bridge in settings visibility (gear beside headings in print settings ) and a list should pop up.

Thanks for that. I don’t know how I missed it the first time.

No problem. I hope it helps.