My research in 3d printed animatronic

     Making zbrush skin for digital animatronic, 3d printed with FDM and Resin , 6 servos total, 3 servos inside head 3 gimbal .lids and teeth resin printed. #3dprinting, Sketchup design and sculpted in zbrush ,my research of reverse engineering into a digital animatronic process and my resin printer is 90mm wide because of build platform sculpt printed flat.   round plate concept digital core blockout design . I Designed the animatronic , made digital core to sculpt on in Zbrush, Molding box for sculpt and using silicone and after curing removed from mold and a mold release was added to the mold,  pour skin silicone into the mold and place core into the mold socket, Which this gave me a skin thickness to fit animatronic skull prefect.                    

more info here Gary Willett (@willett.gary) • Instagram photos and videos

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Very impressive - a bit creepy when you watch the video but nicely done.


Very cool. I have a friend that collected (pre pandemic had to sell them sadly) antique clockwork animatronics. Very interesting!


To skin this one looking for the resin build platforn

Nice. Is there a clearer version of the video?

new channel

old account


Very impressive. Did you do all the design by yourself?

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Yes Design all

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Like I said very impressive. I’m into robots and animatronics but since my design skills suck I started to copy and printing the Inmoov robot by Gael Langevin.

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Go with servos and rc radio and go servo controllers and then motors and[brand][0]=Freewing&filters[custom_fields.Gear_Type][0]=Metal
There is a different in cheap servos under $10 don’t buy . metal gears ,high torque . Gary Willett on Instagram: "My testing and Research is to show micro/mini servos torque for future animatronic projects ,being small servos will help in designing , having smaller animatronics to having more space to work with. #animatronics #kingmaxservos KingMax CLS02MP--18g,digital,waterproof metal gears mini servos Item:CLS02MP Gear:Full metal Spline:Standard 25T Motor:Coreless motor Bearing:2BB Dead band:2μs default Waterproof:Yes Operating Voltage:DC5.0~8.4V Rated working voltage:DC 7.4V Working frequency:1520μs/330hz Working angle:±63°@800us-2200us Working temperature:-10℃~+50℃ Storage temperature:-20℃~+60℃ -- High performance digital mini servo -- High-precision metal gears -- High quality coreless motor -- Middle CNC aluminium case -- Dual ball bearings -- Waterproof SPECIFICATIONS: Operating Speed(5.0V):0.19sec/60 degrees Operating Speed(6.0V):0.15sec/60 degrees operating Speed(7.4V):0.12sec/60 degrees Operating Speed(8.4V):0.10sec/60 degrees CLS02MP Stall Torque(5.0V) (55.56oz/in) Stall Torque(6.0V) (69.45oz/in) Stall Torque(7.4V) (80.56oz/in) Stall Torque(8.4V) (94.45oz/in) Dimensions:22.7*12.5*26.4mm/0.88X0.48X1.02in Weight:18.3g(0.64oz) Connector Wire Length:JR300mm(11.7in)"

design servo sockets and print them

I can see you been doing this for a long time … and yes I learned the hard way about servos.

what design software do you use

I played around with Fusion 360 but did not spend enough time with it to get anything useful out of it. S

What are you using?

I use sketchup 2017 , blender , sculptris and zbrush . but sketchup is 95% of the animatronic.