My very first print

Well here it is! I finally got this bad boy set up, hopefully levelled, and ready to go. I’m printing a calibration cube (exciting, I know) but this is HUGE for me. I’m super excited. Let’s see how it turns out!


Now it looks pretty darn good I think but I noticed that when looking from the top down (at the X or the Y) it looks perfectly square but looking down the Z it appears that the corners flare out a little bit:

Anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix that?

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Looks good bro, you might want more bed adhesive, use Magigoo, glue stick, etc etc, ask around for you specific needs, nice setup for a newer hobbyist, welcome to the hobby, if you need any help 3D printing Canada is here to help, they have great support.

Thanks! Why would I need more adhesive? It seemed to hold pretty well.

I was doing a bit of research about my bulbous corners and found that this might be solve by adjusting linear advance if it’s enabled in Marlin. Do you know (or anyone reading this thread) if TM3D 2.0.5_DW6.2 has linear advanced enabled? If so I’ll do some more testing around that.


I’m not sure about the liner upgrades, I thought you meant it was warping off the bed, you should be okay for now though that’s an amazing first print though, keep up the work

Oh! No it held to the bed just fine. I’m just looking to fine tune it for more accurate prints before I start printing a ton of stuff.


Yes that’s fine now, everything looks fine to me, just play with your settings and setup everything for YOUR preferences, everyone’s setup is different for there needs most of the time, you find out how YOU want it, go have fun and try to print a benchy

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That’s my next step after I get Cura going :+1:

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Possibly those flared corners may be due to linear advance.(not being used) Not sure if the enders have this enabled in their firmeare

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I was thinking the same thing. I have a CR10s pro v2 but again I have no idea if that’s enabled in this version of the firmware. It’s also possible there are other things that need tweaking too. My calibration cube turned out nice but I’ve had 2 failed benchys now (the first layer doesn’t want to stick. So I’ve adjusted my print speed and z offset and am trying again.

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Well that first nice print must have been a fluke. I’ve tried a bunch of benchys and another cube and all of them fail. Nothing seems to be sticking to the bed. I just re-levelled everything but it’s the same problem. Using the stock Creality build plate. Should I be trying something else or do I need to find a glue stick?

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Magigoo it’s expensive but the best in my opinion, it was the only thing to fix my ender 5

Also get a Creality glass bed, flip it upside down and clip it on, apply Magigoo, best setup on earth

What are your extruder and bed heat settings? You can also use hairspray to help with adhesion to your bed.

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