Need a new motor and z-axis Screw

Hi, I am a dad whose job it is to fix my kids different 3d Printers. The latest issue we have is that the LD-006 Resin Printer got “stuck” some how and the Z-axis Screw had some issues. The bushings now will no longer slide properly. I have been searching for a new assembly of Motor and Screw, but I can’t find it. I emailed Creality, but I have to say, they are not helpful. Does anyone have better links for OEM parts like this?

You will probably have to buy individual parts and maybe modify them. Stepper motors are stock items just see if there is a NEMA number on it and get on off of Amazon. The screw is also stock material but you will have to buy a length of it, maybe 3’ and cut a piece to length. If the bushing is bad then it too is a stock Amazon item. The only problem I see is the way the screw is attached to the stepper. Usually there is a collar that connects the stepper to the screw. That could be trouble. Maybe someone else is familiar with them.

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Found this if it is any help: NEMA-17 Bipolar Stepper Motor with Lead Screw (28cm) - Creatron Inc. Are you sure that the lead screw and motor is the issue? And not the bearings.

This is a great link, the first that I have seen with a lead screw. Yeah I took the whole thing out and spun both bushings down. They both get caught up at the same point. I will check out the specs on that link and see if they are the same. Another thing I noticed with the motor now is when it is plugged in and not operating, it gets very hot. I will respond back once I look into this. Thanks @Gilengine1 .

Found this one also: seems more along the lines of what your looking for. I guess length can be an issue.

EDIT-- I saw that one, the screw is too short. Currently I am trying to de-burr the screw and add some lubricant. Then I ordered that one and will replace the whole center piece from one to another.

Sorry, tried to edit. I did purchase that one you linked to from Amazon and I will just try to replace the screw with mine. The Screw is getting smoother each time I pass the bushings on it. So now it is just the motor overheating.

I think you will find that the screw is integrated with the motor. You may be able to live with the hight difference though. I hope this works out for you.

Screw is actually a completely different size (diameter). Spent the past few days trying to work with Amazon to get a replacement. Not luck yet.

Hi, I have the same problem, the engine died… were you able to fix it? Can you guide me on what I should buy to fix the problem?
Sorry… I don’t speak English… I’m using the translator…