Need help designing

I’ve been asked by my church if I could 3D print a replacement letter for its sign. I said sure why not I’ll give it a try but now I’m stuck.

I’m not sure how to approach recreating this letter I’m not very good with 3D design software and was hoping to get some suggestions. I’ve used tinkercad and started learning freecad but still have a long way to go.

I think freecad is my best way to go and see about trying to use the loft tool somehow to make the sloped edges of the letter. I have also been interested in photogrammetry and was wondering if that would work any better or just cause me more headaches.

It is the letter E that is broken and is about 110mm tall.

I had a go at it, maybe just to see if I could.
This is very rough, probably lot’s of ways to do it better, but here’s a link to a G-Drive folder with the stl, 3mf, step, f3d files. Let me know if the link doesn’t work or whatever
Feel free to ignore this or use/modify as you see fit!


@mobiobi , this is AMAZING !!

I just straight up and printed the .STL file you provided and it is unbelievable how close you got.

Thank you for creating this, now I have to figure out how to do something like this myself :wink:

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No problem at all!
I imported your picture into Fusion 360 as a canvas, traced that shape, extruded it up, mirrored it to get the missing piece, then hacked away at it with champers, fillets, and splitting & joining bodies until I got close enough.

I might try again using direct mesh editing sometime.


Mobiobi… that is just amazing!! Good on ya for helping this person out!!!

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