Need help finding heater block for Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus

I’ve damaged my heating block, likely beyond repair, so I’m writing to see if anyone can point me in the right direction for a repair/replacement part.

I’m running a Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus with it’s original heating block but with a Micro Swiss all metal hot end installed.

Earlier this week after a number of consecutive failed prints, I tore the hot end down (not my first time in the two plus years I’ve been using this machine) to see if I could ID the problem. What had happened is the nozzle had backed out of the heater block a little resulting in melted plastic getting all over the hot end, and of course tereribly inconsistent prints.

So I tore the hot end down, cleaned off all the misplaced and charred plastic, check the fit of everything, reassembled everythingh and got to the point where I heated the extruder to 250 C and started tightening the nozzle to its final position.

This is where I screwed up. I overtightened the nozzle into the heating block and stripped the threads out of the alluminium block.

The first 4 photos below show the damaged block as I tore it down. Note that the original block has a hole for the thermistor plus a small adjacent threaded hole for the screw/washer required to secure the theristor.

Luckily I had a spare heating block on hand. However unluckily the replacement block does not have a threaded hole to allow me to secure the extruder thermistor in place. See photos 5 and 6 and you’ll see the holes are not all the same as my original block.

Can anyone suggest where I might be able to order an appropriate replacement heater block, with a suitable extruder thermistor if I need a new one?

I’m located in Canada so would be ideal but I could still order from if they might have a solution.

I’ve tried 3D Printing Canada and there’s nothing I can see on their website that’d be a one-for-one replacement.


If it is a Micro Swiss hot end then why can’t you install a Micro Swiss heat block? I don’t know what threads and hole dimensions that the one you where using are but it looks like any generic heat block, like Creality, would work. Also loose the Capton tape and use a silicon sock on the block, far superior.

P.S. thermistor and heater cartridge may also be “standard” generic ones.

I hadn’t thought of looking for a Micro-Swiss block. Thanks. I have a query to them now to see if they have one they’d recommend.

I removed the Kapton on the original block a while ago and replaced it with a silicone sock and you’re right it works great.

Meanwhile a buddy of mine just sold me his second 3D printer for a price that was way too good to pass up. I’ll have to get that one set up to keep me printing while I continue the search for a block for the Wanhao.

Looks to me like its an E3D block, If not its pretty close and you should be able to use the E3D one to replace it.

this is the one I was thinking, you can get the sock for it as well