Need Help Leveling X-axis Gantry

My x axis gantry is visibly angled on my Heavily Modified Cr10-s
would anyone be able to point me in a good direction or give me some help to fix it and get back to printing

I don’t have a CR10, but to my knowledge, it has 2 Z-Axis stepper motors.

Raise your bed all the way until one side touches the top. MANUALLY rotate the side that hansn’t reached the top yet until it does reach the top. At that point it will be level.

Most common cause of it going out of level is that, when you turn the power off, the Z-axis motors are free to turn and one side or the other slowly rotates under the weight of the gantry.

There are backlash nuts you can install to prevent this.

Alternatively, home the print head and lower it to rest on the center of the bed before turning the power off.

i have anti backlash nuts on it and it seems like it went down over time anyways but ui will try the height method and hope that works

Backlash nuts can be adjusted. Make sure they are tight enough (ie. close enough together)

@LEGOManiac has is correct.

You use 2x “Blocks of Consistent height”
Turn AC power off on Printer.
PLace one Block under each side of X axis bar to the Base frame of machine.
Grasp the Flexible couplers in each hand.
Manually turn both couplers until X Axis touches both blocks
Remove blocks and Turn AC power back on

V-Slot type:
Smooth Rod type:

Visual feedback Type:

Prusa Style :

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My CR10S Pro came with a gantry leveling part, a rectangular piece of lexan that is used under the gantry to level each side. The manual shows how to do it or try there web site, has a video.

Got this for my CR10 v3 and it solved all my problems with this issue. Just had to do the alignment once… and never again.:


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So I am assuming that you do not need to have Tiny Machines firmware installed for this to work, just a mechanical tie between the Z axis rods.

Correct Just a mechanical belt connection